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St Denys Church is a down-to-earth and vibrant mix of people who are rooted in the love of God, embedded in the local community and journeying together through life in faith, with all the ups and downs that this entails. We each have different strengths & struggles, perspectives & interests and we believe this diversity enriches all of us. Everyone is welcome to be part of St Denys, and that includes you.

Prayer and Worship: In-the-building and Online


The Church is Open for You To Visit

The church is open for private prayer most mornings at the following times:

  • Tuesday-Fridays 9am–12 noon
  • Sunday 9am–12 noon


Services in the Building:

  • Sunday Service with Communion 10am every Sunday
  • Quiet, spoken Holy Communion 8.30 am on the first & third Sundays of the month

The 10am service includes music, prayers, Bible readings, a short talk and Holy Communion. These services are for everyone, and that includes you! Kids of all ages are very welcome, and each week there are either activities to do with parents/carers (The Vine) or our kids group in The Den (Mustard Seeds).

The 8.30am service is a shorter & quieter communion service. There's no singing or music, and instead the words of Common Worship liturgy and the Bible readings are the focus for worship and prayer. It's on the first and third Sundays of the month, and you can check the calendar at the bottom of this page to find out when the next one is. It's a peaceful, prayerful way to start the day.


Services Online

There's also a monthly Online Simple Service, where our worship is based around a  particular theme linked with the time of the year or particular issues.  You'll find the latest Simple Service below or visit our YouTube channel to find a wide range of them.


You can see the latest online service here:


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