Space, Peace and Creativity

Life can be crazy
Life can be relentless
Life can be tough


And we believe a good way to express God’s love is to give people space to press the pause button for a while.

Looking for a peaceful space?

The church is open most weekday mornings between 8.30 & 12.30, and it’s a delight to see the mix of people who come in and just sit, maybe for a few minutes, maybe for longer. It’s a beautiful and tranquil space, and it’s here for everyone

Looking for a space to be creative?

You might find doing something creative really relaxing, but never find the time to do it.
Well, every three weeks, we carve out a bit of space for folk to come together and knit, draw, paint, mend, cut out, write or sew. It’s a kind and thoughtful space, and the conversation is immensely wide-ranging. We call this ‘Creation’  and you’d be welcome to come. For more information, follow the link.

Update: You can now connect with Creation online - just join our Creation St Denys Facebook Group and be part of the conversation and community.