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Space, Peace and Reflection

Life can be crazy
Life can be relentless
Life can be tough

And we believe a good way to express God’s love is to give people space to press the pause button for a while.

Looking for a peaceful space?

The church open every morning* between 9 & 12 and everyone is welcome to come in, sit and stay, maybe for a few minutes, maybe for longer. (on rare occasions there might be a event running that is not open to the public)

Sometimes there are groups or activities in the church, and so it can get a bit noisy, but you can normally find a quiet space. 

If you'd like to come when things are a bit quieter, then the following times are often quieter:

  • Tuesday-Thursday 9am–12 noon
  • Saturday 9am–12 noon

It’s a delight to see the mix of people who come in and just sit, maybe for a few minutes, maybe for longer. It’s a beautiful and tranquil space, and it’s here for everyone.

If you're looking for a bit of peace and creativity, our group Creation may be for you.