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Our church services


When do we hold services?

We have services every Sunday and special services across the year including at Easter, Christmas and Remembrance Sunday.  All our services normally last about an hour, includingcommunion,music, prayers, Bible readings and a short talk.  There's always 'The VIne' (where activities and crafts are available for kids and their carers to connect with worship) or 'Mustard Seeds' our group for kids to nurture faith. Sometimes there is a baptism as part of the service.  Whether you are young or old, familiar with church or simply intrigued, asking lots of question or feeling you're on solid ground... you are welcome.

Upcoming Services


Prayer is at the heart of who we are at St Denys.

Prayer Together

Prayer Together is a hosted prayer session each week on Wednesday morning at 9.00am for half an hour.

Our Book of Prayers – do come & write in it:

Each week people from across the community write in our Book of Prayers about things they want to thank God for (including crisps, friendships, signs of hope in tough situations) and things that they or their friends need help with (including health, relationships & work). You’ll find it on the right-hand side of the church, feel free to write in it, and we’ll pray for you on Wednesdays. You can also add to the Book of Prayers online here.