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Messy Church

Messy Church is a vibrant and welcoming way of doing church differently. 

Families from the community come together about once a month for a 'service' and together we explore a story from the Bible by making, eating, decorating, fidgetting, talking, laughing, singing and sharing. 

Messy Church Online

A way to connect and support families as we journey through these challenging times of Coronavirus.  You can find St. Denys Messy Church on YouTub and can also join our Facebook Group. 

Regular Messy Church

Messy church is on a Saturday morning about once a month. From 11 till 11. 50  it's Activity Time  where you can make things, decorate things, do challenges.. and have a drink. Then from 11.50 till about 12.05  it's Celebration Time where we all come together to focus on the Bible Story and make music. Finally it's Lunchtime from about 12.15 where we all sit together eating the hot meal provided and chatting, though there's space for those who want to fidget to get up and play.  

Pop Up Messy Church

Messy church can be found as part of different community events.  We pop up and create space for conversation and creativity. You'll find us at the Summer Fete, Christmas At Triangle and other places, just look for the banner.


Messy Church Dates