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Thanks For Helping Us With Community Connections

Thanks For Helping Us With Community Connections

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Published by Sera Rumble on Friday, 17 December 2021 14:10

I'm conscious that many of you give so generously to the church in different ways, including through giving your time, your skills, your finances, your ideas, your creativity and the relationships you build. It's not always easy to see the fruits of these gifts, and how they feed into the church's seven-day-a-week ministry. So I thought I'd give you a little snapshot of the last week focusing on the community connections.

  • Throughout this week, even more people than normal have popped into the church, many drawn in by Narnia and the Christmas lights but others by the peace and piano. We've been able to welcome many of these personally with a smile and a chat. 
  • On Sunday evening over 60 people gathered for 'Carols by Candlelight', the majority of whom were connected to the church through community activities and through family. They were able to hear the story of 'God With Us' through the voices of over 20 St Denys folks reading, singing and welcoming. 
  • The regular & new members of Friendlies and Coffee & Cake have been able to gather safely in the well-ventilated church, and to stay warm because of the heaters.
  •  A larger number of people than normal attended the 'Feed the Community' food bank inside the church, many of whom arrive early to chat and build precious social connections, for some it's the only time they leave the house all week. We are able to offer warmth, a cuppa, acceptance and a listening ear to the brilliant mix of people who come along. 
  • My highlight of the week has been hosting a series of visits by the Preschool children and staff. It was the first time many had been in the church, and together we explored and told the Christmas story. The Preschool staff are already hatching plans for different ways they can bring the children back into the church in the new year.

Over the last month, in anticipation of the Christmas activities, Martin, the wardens and myself have been particularly praying that everything going on brings glory to God. We invite you to continue to pray that God does continue to be glorified through the beauty, peace, cups of tea, warm welcome, food provision and listening ears as well as through the worship, the prayer and attention to God's word.

Financial contributions are always welcome to the ministry and mission of St Denys Church through this link