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Celebrating Harvest - St Denys Style

Celebrating Harvest - St Denys Style

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Published by Sera Rumble on Thursday, 21 October 2021 18:19

Harvest might feel like something that belongs in a different decade or in places far more rural areas than urban St Denys. And yet...I just had a gut instinct that it'd be great to embrace harvest and celebrate it in St Denys this autumn.


Because it felt important to come together and express thankfulness, especially this year. Because people need food and not everyone around us can afford to buy enough. Because things that remind us of our connection with the natural world are so important, especially with COP26 on the horizon. Because Jesus used harvest produce (bread and wine) as the key reminders of his world-changing actions. And because within the urban kitchens & gardens of the local community, people are regularly making delicious jams, chutneys and other delights.

So over one weekend in October, St Denys embraced harvest. And it was awesome! Louiza and the Food Truck got things going on the Saturday with over 100 coming along to press local apples, devour some home-made soup and treats and relax in the sunshine. On Sunday morning at the Harvest Service there was hearty singing, thoughtful prayers, a cascade of donations for Basics Bank and some delicious jam and chutney being devoured. In the afternoon, our Messy Takeaway served up a bundle of goodies while kids of all ages went fishing for food in the ball pool! Check out the photos below.

Our urban harvest celebration was a time of thankfulness, of sharing and of being together. Bring on Harvest 2022.