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The Psalms: Live, Pray, Be Changed

The Psalms: Live, Pray, Be Changed

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Published by Sera Rumble on Tuesday, 7 September 2021 11:14

The Psalms: Live, Pray, Be Changed

'They are full of power & passion, horrendous misery & unrestrained jubilation, tender-sensitivity & powerful hope' *

John I. Bell 'Living With The Psalms' p2

Some psalms speak into our lives and give us an honest vocabulary for bringing our experiences to God. But many psalms shed light on more than this: giving us insight into the experiences of others, reminding us what it is to gaze in wonder & stirring us with evocative images of God. As we live and pray with the psalms, we can be changed - growing in sensitivity, empathy, honesty, courage, wisdom and love of God and of others. 

John Bell's refreshing book 'Living with the Psalms' forms the basis for our 8-part Bible series. John Bell is Greenbelt regular, member of the Iona/Wild Goose Community, hymn-writer, ordained minister and a breath of fresh-Scottish-air!

The Sessions and Links to Resources*

Session 1: Life & Poetry 

 a) Leaders notes, b) Psalm Handout 1, c) Audio Reflection

Session 2: Diverse Images of God 

- a) Leaders notes, b) Psalm Handout 2, c) Audio Reflection

Session 3: Social Issues 

-a) Leaders notes, b)Psalm Handout 3, c) Audio Reflection

Session 4: Pain & Anger

 - a) Leaders notes, b) Psalm Handout 4, c) Audio Reflection

Session 5: God & Nature  

- a) Leaders notes, b) Psalm Handout, c) Audio Reflection

Session 6: Deep Praise

 - a) Leaders notes, b) Psalm Handout, c) Audio Reflection

Bonus Mini Session: Jesus and the Psalms available here. 

*The resources for all the sessions can be found through the links above. Every session includes 

1) Session Leader's notes - with questions, themes & information, 

2) A Psalm Handout for group members - with the relevant extracts from the psalms written out. It would help for every group member to be able to see a copy of this. 

3) An audio reflection - a short spoken reflection by Sera on the session theme, drawing on the writing of John Bell.