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Lent Recommendations

Lent Recommendations

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Published by Sera Rumble on Friday, 5 February 2021 21:02

Lent Recommendations (Updated)

 Hi this is 'live' list that is regularly being updated in response to people's discoveries and ideas.

15/02/21 addition - In the book section you'll find a new book added.

16/02/21 - suggestion: if you are taking up one of the ideas and would like to chat with others doing it, then let sera know ministry@stdenys.com

Receiving Daily Encouragement

Live Lent: God’s Story, Our Story - The Church of England’s Lent Series

‘I found this really helpful last year’ says Cat

There’s different ways to engage:  sign up for daily emails, download the app, call Daily Hope or use the weekly material for Small Group (see below)

Click here for more info #LiveLent 2021 church resources: God’s Story, Our Story | The Church of England


Journeying Together as a Small Group

Faith Through Lockdown: Small Group Series

Mike A is coordinating a Small Group series for Lent based around conversations with different people about their experience of faith and lockdown. Each week there’ll be a conversation video, Bible passage, reflection and discussion questions. More information will be available via this page from 22nd February.


Live Lent: His Story, Our Story: Small Group Notes

Weekly Bible Study Discussion Material including a video, Bible passages and available here Living His Story Homegroups AWH.pdf (churchofengland.org)


Take Time to Read a Great Book

New addition: Even The Sparrows by Jill Webber

Part autobiography, part 'have-a-go' book, this 'remarkable, sassy memoir' describes itself as 'A Pilgrim's Guide to Prayer, Trust and Following the Leader'. Sera writes: 'I confess to starting this early before Lent and then being really pleased to discover it's written as a series of 40 short chapters. So far I've found in refreshing, captivating and liberating. And I'm looking forward to chatting it through with an impromptu book group we're forming.'

‘God on Mute’ by Pete Grieg (and the updated version has a 40-day devotional plan, great for Lent),

Sera declares this to be ‘The best book on prayer I’ve ever read. Honest about the struggles, and doesn’t try to give simple, formulaic answers. How can you keep on praying when God doesn’t seem to be answering? Pete Grieg explores this question, telling the story of his wife’s brain tumour, and accepting there are no neat answers. Reading it re-ignited my passion for prayer and spurred me to keep going, to keep talking with God about all of life.’


‘Let Me Go There’ by  Paula Gooder

Lizzie W writes ‘Let me go there by Paula Gooder takes key themes of Lent and splits them into 40 sections, 1 for each day of lent. Having read other books by her that reflect on different seasons I have chosen this for Lent as she has a really deep biblical knowledge but writes very accessibly which helps me to reflect and apply the theological ideas to my own life. It is also written as a reflection for each day as we journey through Lent.’


Oh God Why? Journey Through Lent for Bruised Pilgrims

'Our life is a journey in and with Christ, a liberation from slavery into the freedom of God. Gerard Hughes helps us to look at the notion of a journey as a way of understanding the meaning of our own lives, our grumbles and discontent, our aim and sadness, our hopes and dreams'

Jan P recommends this book as being ‘profound,’ describing it as ‘very readable and honest at any level.’