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PCC meeting 19th January 2021

PCC meeting 19th January 2021

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Published by Catriona Rawlins on Tuesday, 5 January 2021 21:04

The PCC is having their first meeting of the year on 19th January 2021 at 7.30pm. We will be exploring ministry within the church centre and prayerfully considering St Denys next steps over the coming months, including lockdown.

Meeting of St Denys PCC 18th January 2021


  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Apologies
  3. Corrections and confirmation of minutes of the meeting on 8th of September 2020
  4. Matters arising
    • Independent examiner
  5. Ministry Matters
    • Christmas
  6. Standing items
    • Deanery Synod
    • GDPR
    • Safeguarding
    • Policies
  7. Working groups
    • Web presence
    • Site management
    • Global and local mission
  8. Finance
    • Finance committee
  9. Another other business


Next meeting: Tuesday 19th of January 2021 at 7:30pm