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Springtime preparation at St. Denys Church

Springtime preparation at St. Denys Church

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Published by Ana Mota on Thursday, 9 March 2023 09:00

Hello, hello St. Denys! 

With Springtime, its time to welcome the arrival of wonderful wanderers, such as swifts and robins. To warmly welcome them back and to facilitate their nesting our team of volunteers has been busy installing new homes under our church eaves for these little migrants! 

Here at St. Denys church we aim to increase our flock, and we are hoping to see many birds families soon in our church grounds... For now,  you can find 12 tiny bird homes under the church eaves: two swift ones, a three-unit sparrow box,  six bird boxes, and a final robin box.

Hoping that these bird homes will soon welcome little tenants! 

Are you looking into making and putting a bird boxes in your garden as well? RSPB has  a guideline on their website that teaches us how to make and where are the best locations to install them in our gardens, you can check it here.

Please do let us know if you have seen our new bird houses or if you have seen new tiny tenants exploring them. We will be very happy if share your pictures of them with us below!