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A Fantastic Afternoon with Vintage Adventure

A Fantastic Afternoon with Vintage Adventure

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Published by Sera Rumble on Thursday, 21 July 2022 17:44

At the heart of Vintage Adventure is a desire to offer adults a range of opportunities to encounter God and his word, whether people are familiar with conventional church or not. 

And so on a Thursday afternoon in July, we hosted our first Vintage Adventure in the church as a collaboration between St Denys and Highfield churches. I went along simply to join in, to chat to folk and to learn more about it, and I found that it was an inspiring afternoon. 

I was struck by the variety of people who came along. Regulars from 'Coffee & Cake' and members of our Sunday congregations came together with folk from across the city. The theme was 'The Good Shepherd', and we began by sharing in a hymn, a prayer and a retelling of the Lost Sheep parable. People were really captivated. Then poetry, weaving, puzzles, painting, writing and beadwork all became springboards to reflection and deepening conversations. Interwoven were moments of spontaneity and improvisation in response to insights and ideas. Through it all, I sensed a gentleness, thoughtfulness and kindness that led to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

One of the people wrote this poem:

In July of ’22 Vintage came to us

You in St Denys did it proud

You really made a fuss


Katherine does dementia

And Louise she did a prayer,

Marion did the story

But its really only fair

To thank Vikki for the catering

Everyone got their share.


We think of all the people

Who came along today

To sample the activities

And then I’d like to say

We’re glad Vintage is at St Denys

At last it’s found its way.


It’s been a long time coming

But now its here, do it again,

Cos to lose it would be awful

And just a frightful shame.

So very many thanks folks

For giving us a treat

We’ve had a lovely afternoon

It was really great to meet.   

As I cycled away, leaving everyone to their cake and cuppas, I reflected that the afternoon felt a very natural thing to be offering at St Denys, and I found myself looking forward to the next one (I hear it's going to be in November!)

A huge thanks to the team who put a lot of thought, prayer and preparation into Vintage Adventure. And to everyone who came along to find out more and join in.