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Our team

Rev Sera Rumble: Curate-in-Charge

Sera never has two days the same, and she loves it that way. Through all she does she tries to help people to see that they matter to God, and to find ways in which their lives can connect with God’s life and love. When you see her around St Denys she’ll either be walking at 100mph between places or stood still listening to someone who has popped in for a chat. Her favourite St Denys’ memories include discussing with a couple of bikers how to get their motorbikes past the baptism font in church and joining in with a youth sleepover in the church, waking to the see the sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows. One thing she loves about the local community is how people seem to put a creative twist on everything they do

Martin Smith: Church Coordinator

Martin's line about his work at St Denys is that he is responsible for everything "except the vicar-ry bit". This is a forward-facing role that engages with the local community in such a way that Martin is known in Portswood, in various pubs and open spaces (including Riverside Park) as "that bloke from the church". He is the person to speak to about hiring space, putting on events, contributing to projects and generally giving the church a role in the life of the parish, as well as resourcing mission and connecting Church and community. Martin is in the office most of the time, but could be almost anywhere on the site from the boiler room to the roof or the shed. Every day at St Denys brings a new memorable experience. Favourite moments include music performances, zip-wire teddy bears down the aisle, summer fetes and cooking lunch club meals, but also those quiet times alone in the sunlit historic building.


Rev Mike Archer: Priest-in-Charge
Sue Dawson & Vikki Brotherton: Wardens
Caretaker: Geoff Cole

Plus: a fantastic & vibrant mix of people who bring their friendship, passion & skills to the life of the church

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